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Teeth Whitening

... Brighten Your Smile in A Matter of Hours
Are you ready for a dramatic change in your appearance? Then you might be a perfect candidate for in-office teeth whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening from your Dr. Puneet's Dental for a whiter smile in just 1 hours.
The in-office tooth whitening procedure is painless and simple, and takes about just under 1 hour hours to complete. The in-office teeth whitening steps are outlined below.

  • Our dentists start by carefully applying a protective gel to all soft tissues around your teeth.

  • This prevents the powerful tooth whitening gel from penetrating your gums.

  • Our dentists place a comfortable mouthguard into your mouth to hold your lips and mouth open during the procedure
  • .
  • This mouthpiece allows you to feel comfortable for the duration of the teeth whitening procedure.

  • Next our dentists apply the concentrated tooth whitening gel onto your teeth and place a special UV lamp directly onto your teeth to help penetrate the gel into your teeth.

  • We repeat this process about 3 times, each involving 20 minutes daily, until we achieve the desired teeth whitening results.
  • After your third application, our dentists remove all the gel and mouthguard and hand you a mirror so that you can admire your whiter, brighter
  • In-office teeth whitening is available at all Dr. Puneet's Dental.
    Request Your Appointment today using our convenient online appointment scheduling too.

    Our patients are absolutely amazed at what they see in the mirror. The results are dramatic and immediate. With proper dental hygiene care, your teeth whitening results will last for years to come.
    Please note that not all patients are candidates for teeth whitening. Some teeth will not whiten with chemicals.

    Therefore it is required that you have a FREE consultation with one of our doctors to see if you are a candidate for this teeth whitening procedure.


    Take-Home Teeth Whitening Whitens and Brightens in less than two weeks.

    For those who prefer a slightly less expensive teeth whitening procedure with results over 7-14 days, take-home teeth whitening is a great option.
    Following a free consultation with one of our dentists to ensure that you are a candidate for take-home teeth whitening, we will take these steps to provide you with take-home teeth whitening.
    Our dentists take an impression of your upper and lower teeth. From this, our dental lab creates teeth whitening trays that you will use at home.
    When your teeth whitening trays are ready, our dental office will schedule you for a fitting of your trays and to pick up teeth whitening gel to use in conjunction with your teeth whitening trays.
    You will wear the teeth whitening trays at home for several hours each day until you achieve your desired teeth whiteness.
    Take-home teeth whitening is available at all Dr. Puneet's Dental Clinic.
    Request Your Appointment today using our convenient online appointment widget at www.bareillydental.com or reach us at 97567 01719.